Your Generosity at Work

We got the digger! Your generosity at our sold-out fundraising event on June 30, 2018 allowed us to buy that bright orange Kubota U17 excavator you saw at the event.  A huge THANK YOU to all of the Friends of Trione-Annadel State Park (FOTASP). 

The digger has been hard at work.  Our Chairman of the FOTASP Board of Directors, Dan Stamps, used it to work on the park visitors’ center driveway. He already looks like a pro.

But wait, there’s more! You also bought:

  • Two chainsaw back packs
  • Four tree ladders, plus trail tools
  • A new table for Shultz trail
  • Two new park entrance signs

And much more, but no Ginzu Knives.

FOTASP Proposes Projects

We have hired an environmental consultancy to complete the required California state parks applications for a dozen or so proposed major road and trail projects in Trione-Annadel. For example, here is a picture of the work being done on the Canyon Trail bridge.

Many thanks go to Jody Pennycook who is volunteering as the head of FOTASP’s Trails Committee. Her expertise and help is invaluable to the approval process. Shovel-ready projects are one of the resources that FOTASP provides to our community.

Once the projects are approved, we will be working with our community partners, like Sonoma County Trails Council, Redwood Empire Mountain Bike Association, the Empire Runners, the local XC teams, and other clubs to get the work done.  Be on the look out for your opportunity to help out. 

Measure M

Measure M passed in the November election.  Hurray! Thank you for your votes. There is a catch, however, Measure M does not provide any funding for State Parks in Sonoma County.  All of Measure M funds go to our county’s Regional Parks and City Parks.  So please keep those donations coming for Trione-Annadel and the other state parks in the area. You can donate on line at:  www.fotasp.com

FOTASP Board of Directors

We are sending out our gratitude to our FOTASP volunteers and Board of Directors. 

Here is our Board of Directors, who work to make our park a better place:

  • Dan Stamps, President dans@FOTASP.com
  • Michael Mullins, Treasurer michaelm@FOTASP.com
  • John Quinn, Project Manager johnq@FOTASP.com
  • Don McCullough, Project Manager donm@FOTASP.com
  • Christy Hirsch, Project Manager christyh@FOTASP.com
  • Selena Larkin, PhD., Project Manager selenal@FOTASP.com

Other News

There is so much going on with FOTASP.

  • We contracted with a roads and trails engineer to complete a study on how to fix some major erosion concerns
  • We helped thank park volunteers by paying for the Volunteer Appreciation dinner on Sept. 30
  • The Advisory Committee met on Nov. 1 to gather ideas for 2019. 

Thank you to all the Friends of Trione-Annadel and stay tuned.

Got Big Ideas for 2019?

We are gathering ideas for our next big FOTASP investment for the park, like the Kubota. Send your ideas to danstamps@FOTASP.com. Then mark your calendars for the second FOTASP fundraiser on June 29, 2019.


Be sure to visit our website for up to date news and lots of photos:


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